Serving Ideas

Why Bavarian Pretzels?

Lye pretzels have been an integral of German baking traditions for centuries. They are popular in Germany Bavaria region -  Germany, Alsace, Austria, and german speaking

area in Switzerland as a variety of bread, a meal, a side dish or snack, and come in many local varieties.

Lye Pretzels in Bavaria are made by dipping the pretzel shaped dough in a bath of lye solution (food-grade lye). In German this mixture is called "Natronlauge", and this is what gives our pretzels such unique color and flavor.



In Bavaria,...

pretzels with Weisswurst sausage are very common meal.

The typical "Bavarian Weißwurst-Breakfast" - means Weisswurst saussage, sweet mustard and Beer, and of course with pretzel too!

Pretzels are also often sliced horizontally, buttered- which we call Butterbrezel, or together with cheese or meat loaf.

In many parts of Europe, their pretzels often with many kinds seeds - such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, ...etc on top.